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  • Double Sided Tape Nano Tape Full Transparent Tape Best for Decoration3MMagic Tape Double sided Tape Invisible Tape Nano Tape Product details of Nano Tape- 3 Meter – transparent Ivy Grip Double sides silicone Adhesive Tape – Tape – Magic_ Tape PMP Size: 25mm (Width) x 3meter (Length) High Temprature resistance and aging resistance Washable (more clean with warm water) Apply on dry and clean surface reapeated use / Reuseable Easy to tear without trace

Double Sided Washable Gel Grip Tape Nano Suction Tape is made of soft gel, which own removable, reusable, washable, no residue features. There are 2 type, one is both two side are removable and reusable, another is one side is permanent adhesive while another side is removable and reusable. 

Features of nano suction tape.

1. It can be easily cut to any size! Making it the best Gel Pad solution on the market!
2. It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces!
3. Washable and Infinitely reusable!
4.One roll is the equivalent of approximately 71 Standard sized Gel / Nano Pads!
5.Can hold items up to 1 KG on smooth surfaces
6. With a 2mm thickness, The Gel Grip Tape will stick to almost any smooth, clean and non-porous surface and stay there!
7. Will work in perfectly in a temperature range from -16C or above 120C
8. Non-Toxic, Recyclable and Eco-Friendly – The Gel Grip Tape is safe and Non-Toxic and when you’re done with it, it can easily be recycled.

More specifications of nano suction tape as below;

Standard size of nano suction tape : 

30mm width* 2mm thick *3meter length

Detailed photos of nano suction tape as below:







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